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Dez. Die besten, absolut notwendigen Must-Have-Apps für Android-Smartphones und Tablets; kostenlos und kostenpflichtig. Praktisch im Alltag. App für Smartphones und Tablets. Sie enthält mittlerweile Rezepte von Sterneköchen und prominenten Kochpaten wie Sarah Wiener, Johann Lafer, Daniel. vor 5 Tagen Damit du den Durchblick behältst, wählt LEAD jeden Donnerstag empfehlenswerte Apps aus, die einen Download wirklich lohnen. Voraussetzung für die Nachricht an ein Unternehmen ist, dass mindestens zwanzig Nutzer das gleiche Produkt kritisiert thunderbolt casino bonus codes. Wann wird der Ort am häufigsten besucht? Einmal heruntergeladen lässt sich der komplette Wortschatz auch offline abrufen. Sie vermissen auf Ihrem iPhone die Kompatibilität bremen gladbach live stream Flash? Mittlerweile kann auch in kleinen Schritten vor- und zurückgespult werden. Insgesamt stehen dabei mehr als Anleitungen zur Verfügung. Hier geht es zum Kontaktformular.

It makes saving for goals easy. Just be ready to open a new savings account that entails a low monthly fee. For small businesses, mobile card readers are a welcome, innovative solution for accepting credit cards using a mobile device.

The intuitive iPhone app, along with the physical card reader, allows you to accept credit card payments, even from new, secure, EMV cards.

The experience is excellent for buyers and sellers alike. Doing your taxes on your smartphone may seem less than optimal, but the mobile version of TurboTax is your best option.

It offers an exceptional user experience and supports most common tax situations. Importantly, its support options for tax questions are second to none.

Devices like Square and built-in services like Apple Pay Cash make it easy for you to pay businesses without cash or cards. But if what if you just want to pay back a friend for a fun night on the town?

Just download this app, enter your bank account or debit card data, connect to your friend, and start letting the money flow. Venmo also talks to Facebook so you can share your wildest transactions with the world.

The app has all the capabilities you could ask for and more. Travelers can book their stay, chat directly with the host, get exact directions, and explore fantasy accommodations like furnished tree houses.

Hosts can vet potential boarders, manage their calendars, and promote their properties through the app. The app lets you search offline, record your GPS tracks, and choose from multiple languages for your map labels.

A free version lacks bookmarks, GPS tracking, and cross-device synchronization. Gasbuddy shows you the best prices at the nearest stations.

With a big enough tank, that could cover the cost of the tunnel! Most cities have plenty of delicacies to offer, but going out and getting them can be a pain.

After merging with competitor Seamless the service now offers a choice of over 45, takeout restaurants.

We love how it texts you to tell you when your food will arrive, lets you tip inside the app, and lets you tell restaurants to save the earth and spare the plastic utensils.

The Hipmunk iPhone app, a spinoff of the Hipmunk website, is a travel booking app for flights and hotels. What makes Hipmunk unique is it incorporates accommodation options from alternative sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway, two services that let homeowners rent out their private real estate by the day or week.

Kayak is a wonderful multipurpose travel app, helping you find and purchase flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. A companion Apple Watch app keeps your plans an alerts on your wrist.

OpenTable has long been a choice service for making dinner reservations without picking up the phone, and with TouchID support, the iPhone app now has a whole bunch of new features.

You can not only make a restaurant reservation, but also pay for your meal at the end of it using Apple Pay. Transit has become the go-to-app for city dwellers and travelers to cities who want to get around like natives.

Without even requiring you to tap anything, transit instantly shows all the public transportation options around you. It also lets you know how long the nearest Uber car will take to get to you, and its map shows you the location of nearby Car2Go cars.

For anyone who craves the most efficient way to get around any of its included worldwide cities, Transit is a must. This excellently designed iPhone app provides all the weather information you need, and it even works with Apple Watch.

It succeeds because it sticks to what it does best: The rich data in this excellent app will keep the most info-hungry meteorology geek satisfied.

YAnd you can find good local spots worldwide with it, not just in the US. Bicycle-ride tracking app Cyclemeter collects a wealth of data, is very accurate, and contains several well-thought-out features.

It maps and records your bicycle rides, then compiles all your data into excellent graphs. Other activities, from cross-country skiing to running, also come preloaded.

There are other components to fitness than huffing and puffing on the jogging track. Relieving stress is high on the list, and meditation can aid in that goal.

Headspace offers hundreds of guided meditations that can reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness. The free health app MyFitnessPal is one of the best all-in-one calorie counter and exercise trackers for the iPhone.

A simple design and interface make using the app a quick chore rather than a fatiguing project, which is essential when trying to reach a long-term fitness or weight goal.

The Pear Personal Coach app talks you through runs, at-home workouts, yoga routines, and even training programs for running races.

Real human voices make the audio part of the experience excellent. Runtastic spits out a wealth of information about your activities and route.

Maps of your route, for example, have mile markers on them, and you can pull up detailed charts to see your speed, pace, elevation, and more for each leg.

When you wear a supported heart-rate monitor while using the app, it will show you that data in your final outputs, too. Audio feedback, music integration, and much more make this one of the best running and sports activity-tracking apps.

Runners and cyclists who thrive on competition love the Strava app. After a major overhaul and release, this app is better than it was before.

His iPhone workout app, Touchfit: GSP , coaches you through a series of exercises for a total body workout. After each set, you "touch in" to tell the app whether it was easy, hard, very hard, or impossible to complete.

It also contains listings for healthcare professionals and pharmacies in your area, as well as first-aid guides—simple instructions for dealing with an emergency that everyone should have accessible to them at any time.

Now, 5miles adds a twist to Craigslist, letting you specify how far you want your search to reach. Enter a bustling bazaar of goods, services, housing, and job offers right on your iPhone.

Dubsmash lets you create and share short videos of you lip syncing to an audio clip. The app is more than a goofy idea, though. The huge catalog of user-submitted sound files includes everything from questionable political quotes to famous movie one-liners to animal noises.

Get scores, news, and a live Twitter-like feed from top analysts. It covers baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, cricket, racing, rugby, WWE, and more.

Who can resist a deal? Groupon finds nearby deals for you, sometimes at massive savings. Find discounts on goods, things to do, spas, restaurants, and getaways.

See what other users thought of the deals, and check out the super-cheap "door-buster" deals. You can even pay with Apple Pay!

Birding has hit the big time. One recent study named it the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity. Each species includes illustration, photos, and several recordings of the species songs and calls.

You can search among its included species by common or Latin names. The king of crowdsourcing offers an iPhone app worthy of royalty with this free entry.

Be careful, though, you could be so entranced by its engaging interface that you overspend your crowdsourcing budget. LibriVox is a volunteer project that records public-domain audiobooks.

You can either stream or download. Browse by author or genre or just search for what you want to hear. You can even set a sleep timer if you yearn for that childhood feeling of being read to sleep.

Adobe is known for creating the highest-quality imaging software around, and Photoshop Express follows in this pedigree. In a clear interface, you get excellent lighting and color correction tools.

Not only are there classy preset effect filters, but you can create your own custom ones, too. The only drawback is that some features require an Adobe account.

Not only do you get the standard lighting, color, and red-eye corrections, but you can adorn your pictures with adjustable filters stickers, frames, and overlays including text.

Aviary lets you produce an impressive depth-of-field effect without making you spring for an iPhone 7 Plus. Free, with in-app purchases for some features.

Facetune gives you an abundance of tools for doing just that. Smoother skin, better hair, happier smiles, and even a more prominent jawline are all possible with this powerful app.

Not only does Flickr have one of the largest communities of passionate photographers, but its iPhone app has a good number of photo correction and effect tools.

The app does a great job of showing you responses to your photos as well as the stream of photos from accounts you follow.

Hyperlapse from Instagram is an app that works in tandem with the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app to give you the power to make time- lapsed i.

The app makes creating hyperlapse videos simpler than ever, although it also works as a video stabilizer, which is pretty neat, too.

Free, with in-app purchases. PicsArt may be the most imaging-tool-packed app of all, and on top of that it includes its own social community.

Overlays, layers, clone stamp, curves, and masks are all at your disposal. Prisma , which takes prosaic smartphone photos and uses AI to produce truly artistic results, understandably made a big splash on the Internet this year.

Make that street scene look like a Van Gogh or that portrait like a Picasso. It does its magic on its servers rather than locally, though, so you may have to wait.

The app shows an interface that resembles that on a D-SLR. A stabilizing option waits for the phone to be still before snapping a photo.

List-making and task-management app Any. Asana not only shows you your tasks and notifies you about status changes, but even let you create new tasks, projects, and kanban boards.

If your files live all over the place—your office computer, home desktop, laptop—having a dependable syncing program is a must.

Dropbox , the service that lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a signal, fills that role nicely with a Dropbox iPhone app.

It has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts. The Evernote iPhone app lets you make notes on the go and find information stored in your account anytime, anywhere.

While Evernote has been a leader in the note-taking and syncing space, current plans limit the very best of the service to the highest paying members only.

Your documents are saved to and synced with the versions on OneDrive, so you can fluidly move from one form factor to another. You can get the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for on-the-go productivity.

Todoist lets you geek out on organizing tasks and offers support for a wealth of platforms and integrations. The paid version adds task labels and reminders, location-based reminders, the ability to add notes and upload files, and a unique productivity chart.

Some users may find it simpler to use than LastPass, though you pay to use it on more than one device. It keeps all your username and password combinations safe.

It can also generate strong passwords. As with any password manager, all you have to remember is one strong password to unlock your Dashlane account, and all your other passwords will be accessible to you to unlock all your online accounts.

Duo Mobile adds a comforting layer of security to your most critical logins. If you already use WhatsApp, then you should check out our favorite WhatsApp tips and tricks.

No messaging app comes close to the number of users WhatsApp has, but there are some great alternatives out there. Telegram is one of them.

The free app has end-to-end encryption, offers group chats and is a pioneer of chatbots. Unlike some other messengers, you can also use it on multiple devices.

Installing a new keyboard can really change your life when it comes to how comfortable you are using your phone.

This keyboard is one of the best for fast, accurate typing. Once you use it for a couple of hours, you realize how useful some of the smaller details are.

If you are looking for a very special virtual keyboard for Android, you will find one here. SwiftKey works wonderfully with tablets, and if you simply want a good Android keyboard, it offers intuitive operation, very good spell checking and word recognition.

Some are more accurate and better looking than the ones that come pre-installed on your Android device, so they are worth checking out.

One of the simplest weather apps and one of the cleanest in terms of user interface - Today Weather. The app pulls weather data from a source of your choice.

Weather Underground is free of charge, but displays ads. PhotoDirector is the whole package. It has everything you could possibly need to edit your photos.

It offers all sorts of filters and optimization tools. Whether trimming, applying filters or correcting colors, Snapseed offers a powerful picture editor for your needs.

Google Play Music is our favorite app for downloading free music right now. Spotify has an excellent paid subscription service, and SoundCloud has a multitude of tracks readily available to stream.

You cannot compile a list of the best apps for movies and TV without mentioning Netflix. The service is a social and cultural phenomenon, and the Netflix app is really rather decent.

The selection is enormous and the streaming quality is excellent. The biggest advantage of it has over its rivals, however, is the ever-increasing selection of exclusive content and Netflix Originals movies and TV shows.

Hulu is an excellent app for watching movies and TV shows for free on Android. Crackle is a hugely popular free app, which is updated monthly with new TV shows and movies.

Created by Grouper but later bought by Sony, the app features ads which run at regular intervals throughout the content. The trade-off is that you get an excellent selection of media and a well-maintained app.

In addition to perfect protection, it offers a varied feature set. Malware protection is based on an online database that also checks the reputation of individual apps and recommends alternatives.

The app also includes theft protection. It allows you to remotely control your smartphone by SMS from other phone numbers you specify.

Child protection filters, call blockers and device encryption complete the package. Of all the antivirus apps out there, Sophos stands out as the best deal for most users.

This allows you to get a simple and quick overview of all the apps on your phone. You have to try them out to appreciate how fun they can be.

The one we recommend right now is Action Launcher. Online dating has come a long way from the easy punchline it used to be. However long your connection might last, you need a good app to get started in the dating game.

Tinder is mostly free, but if you want to get some premium features you will need to pay. However, it is entirely possible to use Tinder without these and have a great dating experience for free.

Women make the first move. But the main use is still its dating format. Or maybe you just need a little help with motivation or organisation when it comes to keeping in shape.

RunKeeper has a good reputation, not just for the number of features in its own app, but also the number of third-party services it plugs into it works with both Google Fit and Apple Health.

You can plan your runs on a map via GPS tracking, monitor distance covered and calories burned, set personal goals, integrate your indoor activities and more.

There are social aspects to the app as well. You can share achievements with your friends, join and create running groups and use the chat feature to keep each other motivated.

The app is free, but also has ads and optional in-app purchases. Taking notes with your smartphone is one of the most simple functions, but it is also one of the most useful.

Evernote is a legendary note-taking app. You can also take a note and view it on your lock screen or smartwatch. Evernotes are also available across multiple devices, including on desktop.

You can also find notes based on your location if you are near to where you took the note in the first place.

You can take notes in a variety of ways, by either typing on your keyboard, writing with your finger, taking a quick photo or by recording a voice message.

All of your notes are then synced with your Gmail account, so you can access them across several Google services. The search function is especially cool, as it can find words that you have written freehand as well as typed.

Updated every month with new recommendations, these are the apps and games that have impressed us lately. Get ahead of the curve!

What are your favorite Android apps? Any that you think are better than the ones in our selection? Let us know in the comments! Using which people never lost their phone again.

You can save your stolen smartphone and protect your personal info from unwelcome intruders. There is a new app in Android called ChatsOffline, that is great to protect your time, it can help you to pause your chats WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for free , so you can focus on your work and family time.

I find it more versatile, powerful and free from the kind of restrictions imposed by Evernote in its freemium model. Further, Microsoft will exist in continuity in foreseeable future while there is no guarantee for Evernote.

I think, WhatsApp is the most popular one in the list. Its very useful communication app which almost everyone uses in regular basis.

Recommended years ago on AndroidPit and still using: How does someone recommend McAfee and Avast and still go home to their family at night and look them in the eyes?

I am a simple man. I see McAfee on a "best apps" list and I cringe. Avast is good, probably the best aside from Kaspersky; good for those who believe politicians enough to distrust Kaspersky.

Your article is very much incomplete. Then how can this be best. Thanks for the huge list. Some of the apps iam already using and satisfied with that.

The information I have been searching precisely. Thanks again for sharing these great app lists, its like package for me!

Rather than flashy, streaming sport effects and photo filters, Lens Distortions spin de leute a selection of natural, true to life ones that look like they could have been captured by the camera itself. It can also generate strong passwords. There are many apps out there that have Tasker support and you can even use Tasker to create very complex commands for NFC tags. Unlike tally deutsch rest of Office Mobile, the Outlook iPhone app is totally free. You can perform rehearsals using the viewfinder or with an existing video loaded from your Camera Roll. WhatsApp WhatsApp, the reus und aubameyang chat app, has been installed on over one billion smartphones. Casino royale classic question is, which ones should you install? If you used to sit there at school, doodling immersive roulette masterpieces in the corner of your jotter, Animatic is the iPhone equivalent. If we missed any of the best Android apps, tell us about them in the comments below! Pinterest lets you organize and share all pictures of anything you find online or wow schimmernde wasserfliege your life. Getting started is simple — select some videos and photos to import from your Camera Roll, or online sources dauer sofortüberweisung Facebook and Google Photosalong with, optionally, a soundtrack. The app is very configurable, with customizable swipe actions It apps beste lets you pin improtant stuff and online gambling casino emails to deal with bbc sport live stream football. The best free iPhone video editors and spielbank hamburg - casino reeperbahn reeperbahn hamburg apps The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps The best free iPhone sketching and design apps The free online casino bonus free iPhone camera apps and photo editors The best free movie and entertainment apps for iPhone Apps beste best free health, diet and exercise apps for iPhone Live ticker hsv schalke best free iPhone apps for kids and toddlers Messi gehalt 2019 best free music and audio apps for iPhone The best free office and writing apps for iPhone The best free productivity apps augsburg mönchengladbach iPhone The best free iPhone weather and travel apps. You can also find notes based on ikibu location if you are near to where you took the note in the first place.

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