Breathing monitor

It can save the life of your child

Breathing monitor: It can save the life of your child!

After birth of your child, as any other moms, you are trying to have your desired baby’s health under control. But how to do that? During the day, you have a lot of work and at night you need to sleep. Here is a solution!

Would you like to be vigilant and ideally be with your child all the time? Bet on high-quality breathing monitors and baby monitors. These devices will be your extended arm in a nursery, in a stroller and out on the road.

The most advanced of them - breathing monitors - will allow you to work or relax while having your child constantly supervised. They monitor respiratory rate and any breathing irregularities, and in time they send out warning signals for your urgent intervention. Baby monitors are also very useful, because they can transmit audio and video and if you want, they allow you to hear your baby even tens of meters away and soothe him with your voice... Both types of devices are thus in today's modern home indispensable helpers when taking care of our kids. Just choose the right one!

Why to buy a breathing monitor?

The purpose of a breathing monitor is monitoring how and whether your child is breathing. The time between breaths (so called apnea pause) must not exceed 20 seconds. If this happens, the child is at risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. This syndrome is most vulnerable to seemingly healthy children, between the fourth and sixth month of their life. Annually, this syndrome affects dozens of children across the country, and because the causes of SIDS are not clear, there is no reliable way to predict which child will be more or less threatened by this malicious syndrome. More information about SIDS can be found, for example, at

However, it is important to pay attention to the prevention and minimization of the risk. High-quality devices, such as breathing monitors, can help with these issues. These devices consist of a sensor pad which is placed under the mattress of the crib, and of the second part - the control unit. The control unit immediately warns you if the child stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or the rate is less than 10 breaths per 1 minute. In the article below we give you a practical guide for your orientation between products on the market and how to appropriately choose the right one.

How to choose the right device?

To familiarize with the product range is not easy for the layman at all. There are many types which are different in their functionality and way of use. We bring to you some practical tips to make your decision easier:

TIP #1: Breathing monitor Babysense II

This is a superior product, which is also the leader in this category both on the Czech market and in the world. In addition to monitoring apnea pause, as the only monitor on the market also monitors breathing irregularities. This means that if the child is breathing irregularly, rapidly and apnea pause lasts less than 20 seconds, the monitor still alarms. This is the most reliable breathing monitor on the market. It is used in most neonatal units in the country. It is registered as a medical device and as the only one in the world it has its own clinical trials.

Within 3 months of a child’s life you can use only one sensor pad, from 3-4 months when the baby starts to move around the crib, you need to install also a second sensor pad. The breathing monitor Babysense II package includes two sensor pads, unlike other products that only have one.

Breathing monitor Babysense II

TIP #2: Breathing monitor TOMY TSP500

Breathing monitor TOMY TSP 500 is an excellent device made ​​by England's developers. It has one sensor, is highly sensitive, but isn’t registered as a medical device. It is very affordable. It can be connected to any of TOMY's baby monitor series.

Breathing monitor Tomy TSP 500

TIP #3: Breathing monitor RESPISENSE

If you prefer the mobile version of a breathing monitor (in the form of a small clip), we recommend you Respisense products, specifically breathing monitor RESPISENSE DITTO or more technologically equipped model RESPISENSE DATA. The advantage of these monitors is that in case that a baby stops breathing, it activates the motion-vibrating stimulator which gently stirs the baby. Model DATA additionally records your child’s breathing rate on the memory card and a mother can send recorded data for expert analysis.

Baby monitor - a handy supplement to the breathing monitor

These devices allow convenient monitoring of the child or remote communication. Conventional baby monitors operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. At this frequency, however, operate multiple devices, and therefore it is better to buy a digital baby monitor that works on multiple channels (up to 120), and if the reception of the given channel is not optimal, it changes the channel to one with the higher quality. In uttermost cases, it can work on multiple channels at once, so that the device worked 100% correctly. Baby monitors are often equipped with lots of functional “cool things”, so that you can not only hear the child but also see. They also allow the two-way communication (you can talk to your baby and soothe him with your own voice), a soft nightlight, a feeding timer or a vibration mode.

Among high-quality baby monitors undoubtedly belong TOMY monitors: TOMY TD300 and TD350. Take a look for example at this website. There are also video baby monitors that offer except two-way communication and transmission of audio and video, also taking pictures and allow you to see well at night, such as baby monitor TOMY TDV450.

Baby monitor TDV 450

How then should we choose?

Ask for the best and want the best quality. All this will ensure you the desired peace and comfort when taking care of your children. We are a guaranteed and certified importer of breathing monitors and baby monitors. Take a look at our offer.